OEICS & UT Administration


This course covers the whole administration process for both OEICS and Unit Trusts under the new regulations.  It also covers the remaining differences and  details the new types of Authorised schemes.

The course, besides preparing staff for the new regime, also provides a useful  review of all the main Administrative Operations in both OEICS and Unit Trusts. Therefore it is useful for those who have seen only one aspect and want an overview or for those who want a refresher on Fund Administration.


        Staff employed by Scheme Operators

        Managers, Authorised Corporate Directors, Trustees, Depositories

        IT Executives marketing or developing Mutual Funds Systems

        Custodians and Providers of Third Party Administration Services.

        Auditors, Accountants and Lawyers (CPD/CPE credit possible)

-Enabling Legislation and Regulations
-Mandatory conversion and transitional arrangements
-New Sourcebook structure and implementation
-OEIC/Unit Trust structure and players and functions
-OEIC/Unit Trust comparison
-Categories of Retail funds and characteristics
-Non retail (Qualified Investor Scheme) and Characteristics
-Main UCITS requirements
-Types of Share/Units
-The Constitutional Documents

-The Prospectus Retail and Non Retail funds
-The Simplified Prospectus (UCITS Funds)

Investor Relations
Approval and Notification scheme changes  
-Reports and Accounts - Retail/Non Retail schemes

Title and Registers
-Holdings and  Transfers re Divorce, Death and Probate, Minors, Corporate Holdings etc

Valuation and Pricing Retail / Non Retail Funds
-Valuation Frequencies Different Schemes

-Fair Value Pricing Overview

-Pricing Controls/Checks Frequencies

-Dual Pricing & Exercises

-Single Pricing & Exercises

-Dilution and its Resolution Levy or Price Adjustment Option

-Forward / Historic Pricing

-Price Publication Basis


Dealing - Retail / Non Retail Funds

 -Initial Offer - Requirements

 -Available Options - Cut off Points

 -Inclusion of Deals Post Valuation Point

 -Limited Redemption 

 -Deferred Redemption Funds

 -Role Play and Exercises

-Box Management Available Reporting Options to Trustee / Depositary

-In Specie Issue / In Specie Cancellation

-Modification of Reported Dealing Position

-Creation / Liquidation Format

-Borrowing to Fund Redemptions


-Income Accounting

-Income Allocation

-Distribution Process

-Permissible Payments

-Disclosure Requirements

-Reconciliation Exercises




 Other Areas

-Anti Money Laundering Procedures

-Client Money Compliance

-Complaints Handling

-Stamp Duty Reserve Tax


Common Mistakes and Errors


Compliance Breaches


Investment & Borrowing Powers

- Retail Schemes

- Non Retail Schemes




Todays Date:

Duration 2 days
Available as an In house tailored course at your offices

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