Venture and Development Capital Proposal Analysis


The analysis of Venture and Development Capital proposals is not simple. Difficulties arise in assuming the large variety of hard and soft factors as well as in the wide range of financing structures that are possible

This course gives a detailed overview of Venture and Development Capital proposal analysis assuming no prior knowledge.



        New executives in Venture Capital / Development Capital companies


        Fund Managers


        Corporate Financiers

        Public Company Directors considering MBOs





The primary areas of study include:


Venture Capital Background

What is Venture Capital

-          Varieties of deals

-          Process overview

-          Critical issues

Sources of Funds

The Deal Process

-          Negotiations

-          Site visits

Realising Unquoted Investments


Assessing the proposal

The management

-          Capabilities and background

-          Partnership and chemistry

-          Roles

The business itself

-          Sustainability

-          Attractiveness

-          dynamics

The market and competitive environment

-          SWOT

-          partners' perceptions

The business plan forecasts

-          quality

-          ratios

-          assumptions made

Potential deal structure

-          valuation

-          role of negotiations

-          available instruments

-          costs

-          structuring the deal

-          role and types of covenants

Due diligence

-          issues


The bulk of the course is on assessing the Venture Capital proposal.  The course is inter-active including discussions, case studies and role playing.




Todays Date:

Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course

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