Investment Markets Briefing

Designed for:

Executives and personnel working in or with stockmarket and portfolio investments, who lack specialist knowledge and want a general but thorough grounding as to how these markets and investments work.

All the major world investment markets and instruments are covered in a clear, comprehensive and stimulating manner using presentations, videos, discussions and exercises etc.

Example Delegates

  • Fund Management support staff and administrators
  • Pension Fund Trustees and Managers
  • Institutional Sales and Fund Marketing executives
  • Lawyers (CPD credit available)
  • Investment Marketing & Sales  
  • IT and Systems executives
  • Trainee Fund Managers
  • Brokers and Custodians
  • Compliance Officers
  • Accountants and Actuaries
  • HR, Personnel and Recruitment Managers

    Prior knowledge is not assumed but delegates should have at least three months exposure to the securities industry but no specific role or knowledge is assumed.


    The Economic Background to Investment Markets
    Successful investment requires an understanding of economic influences. In a painless way this section examines the main economic factors and shows what they are and how they work.

    Example topics: Growth. Causes of inflation. Unemployment. Why currencies change in value. Inflation. Money supply - what and why. International trade. Productivity. Current issues and developments.

    Stockmarket Background and Equity Analysis
    Investment principles. Fund Management organisation.Types of analysis and uses. Major equity parameters: Dividend yields, Cover. PE ratios.  Market forces. Sector Selection. Common Investment Strategies. The importance of gearing. Company Analysis.  Warning signs.  Modelling.

    Fixed Interest Markets and Bonds
    Definitions and terms. Types of bonds and their uses and disadvantages. Corporate and sovereign debt. Bond valuations and yields. Yield curves. Yield curve exploitation. Pricing factors and how bonds change in value. Selecting the right bond. How bonds relate to equities. Bond portfolios. Bond grading systems and their uses.

    World Stockmarkets
    Why invest abroad? Structure of world stockmarkets. Relative valuations. Risk and returns. Market correlation and its use. Factors in assessing foreign markets. Review of the main markets.  Liquidity considerations.

    Futures and Options - A Complete Outline
    Definitions. Types of Futures and Options. Market specifications. Puts and Calls. Time and intrinsic values. Margin and Settlement outline. Graphical pricing of Profit and Loss. Uses for protection, asset allocation, cash management. Strategies and strategy selection.

    Institutional Investment and Portfolio Construction
    How different institutions invest and why. Actual Investment returns and implications.   Introduction to portfolio theory and the results.  Fund management issues and risks. Portfolio approaches. Bottom up v Top down. Scenario development. Asset allocation. Benchmark importance. Playing the business/economic cycle. Defining the needs of clients.

    Portfolio Construction exercise, reviewed by a practising Fund Manager.

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    Duration 3 days
    Available as an in-house course

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