Basics of Life Chargeable Events


This course is designed as a basic grounding in Life Chargeable Events and is illustrated with numerous examples.  It covers the fundamentals of the taxation of qualifying and non-qualifying products, Tax Exempt products and will be of interest to Life Companies, Friendly Societies, IFAs etc.

It does not cover OLAB, Fiscal Representation and new non-resident policies in depth.

Complex taxation issues are covered on the Life Products Taxation Course - details on this on request.


  • Junior tax assistants
  • Life Marketing staff
  • Junior Actuarial and underwriting staff
  • Sales representatives and brokers
  • Client Service Representatives in Life Assurance
  • Life Assurance Call Centre Advisers


-Basic Outline of Tax system, Capital VS. Income, IHT.

-The Policy Process and Underwriting Contract of Life Policies and Taxation.

-Qualifying and Non-Qualifying Products.

-The Enduring Effects of LAPR.

-Calculation of a Basic Chargeable Event.

-Qualifying Products becoming Non-Qualifying.

-Regular Premium Policies Calculation of Events.

-Substitutions including examples.

-Variations inclulding examples.

-Enhancements and the Qualifying Rules.

-Friendly Society Policy Enhancements (increase of the limit).


-Cancellations, Paid-Up Policies and Early Surrenders.

-Assignments and Joint Policies.

-Tax Effects of putting a Life Policy into Trust for IHT Planning

This course is ideally suited for adaptation for in-house training and use by offshore companies and friendly societies.




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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course

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