Introduction to Luxembourg Funds Accounting, Administration & Control


The course is an introduction to the accounting and administrative functions of the Luxembourg UCIs. It describes the process flow of the subscriptions / redemptions orders received by the Transfer Agent. It also explains the main accounting operations and how to calculate the Net Asset Value of a UCI.

The course tackles the corporate events of a SICAV, or the Management Company of a FCP, like Board of Directors' meetings, General Meetings of Shareholders etc and the fund reporting requirements. The last part of the course is reserved for the investment restrictions stipulated by the Luxembourg Law on UCIs.

In addition to reviewing the technical aspects of the accounting and administrative functions, the course identifies the risks of the business and how to mitigate these risks by implementing rigorous controls.


People with a basic knowledge of the Luxembourg UCIs and accounting principles who wish to acquire a better understanding of the accounting and administrative activities linked to the Luxembourg UCIs.


I. Accounting
A. Context

B. Accounting entries
1. Subscription/redemption
2. Securities purchases/sales
3. Accruals/provisions
4 .Others

C. Issue of a net asset value (NAV)
1. Portfolio valuation
2. Accruals

D. Case Study - NAV calculation

II. Administration
A Management company and SICAV - Corporate events

1. Board meetings
-Director's status

2. General meetings of shareholders
-Common rules to the meetings
-Specific rules of the annual general meeting of shareholders
-Specific rules of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders

B. Reporting
1. Monthly reporting to the supervisory authorities
2. Semi-annual and annual reports
3. Other reports

III. Risks & Control
A. Identification of risks
1. Monthly reporting to the supervisory authority
2. Semi-annual and annual reports
3. Other reports

B. Implementation of Controls
1. Investors
2. Checking of the net asset value
3. Investment restrictions
4. Audit

C. Treatment of errors

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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course

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