Practicalities of OEIC Pricing


OEIC Pricing is a complicated process from the Regulatory and Accounting view made worse by possible reputational damage with the public if matters go wrong.  This one day course covers OEIC pricing including the Regulations and the calculations with practical examples.  Common problems and their solutions will be identified.



        OEICS Administration and Pricing staff

        Accounting staff in Mutual Funds, Brokers, Fund Managers, Life Assurance companies

        Compliance Officers needing a practical review


        IT executives designing Mutual Fund pricing systems


Course Content


Comparison between UK authorised Open-Ended Investment Companies and UCITS Investment Companies


Regulations for OEICS

-FSA Handbook

-Collective Investment Scheme Sourcebook

-T&C competency




-Comparison between UK SORP and GAAP

-Run through of requirements under UK SORP


The Practicalities of Pricing and Administration


-Share Classes and sub funds overview

-Income v Capital

-Apportionment factors

-Timing limitations and single pricing

-Dealing, Share Registrar and Box Management

-Dilution Levy & Swinging Pricing



-Income and Corporation Tax, VAT and SDRT

-Gross and net pricing


Administrative challenges

-Deminimis, pricing errors and breaches

-Overdrawns and investment rules




Todays Date:

Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course

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