Trustees Hedge Funds Briefing




Hedge Funds are an area of tremendous interest at present for Trustees. Shrouded in mystery they are typically suggested as giving extra return as well as providing lower overall Portfolio Risk.


This 1 day Briefing is designed to give an understanding as to the nature, types, risks and returns of Hedge Funds as well as costs and performance. 


No prior Hedge Funds knowledge is assumed but a general awareness of Shares and Bonds is needed.




-  What are Hedge Funds?
-  Background, size, location, players etc

-  Extra tools of Hedge Funds v Traditional funds

-  Why are Hedge Funds recommended for Pension Funds?

-  Typical Hedge Fund cost structure

-  Main Hedge Fund strategies explained

-         Long and Short

-         Arbitrage

-         Macro

-         Market Timing

-         Distressed Debt

-         Managed Futures

-  Fund of Hedge Funds why?

-  Performance measures and problems.

-  Jargon guide

-  Risks and handicaps


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Duration  day
Available as an in-house tailored course

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