Trustee Portfolio Briefing

Background & Objectives


Portfolio Construction is the summation of Investment consideration and brings into play Pension Fund requirements, Investment Objectives, acceptable risk and return balances, all against the changing backdrop of the world.


Trustees therefore need reasonable knowledge of the jargon, processes and issues in this area.


This one day stand-alone Briefing  explains the processes and jargon. It shows how real world considerations are blended with  different investments to generate a possible mandate and portfolio.


No prior knowledge is assumed but a basic awareness of Equities and Fixed Income is needed.




-  Investment Principles

-  Major Assets : their nature, risks and returns

-  Secondary Assets explained


-  Some investment theory

-  Market forces explanation

-  Expected Returns consideration

-  Investment or Fund Style explanation

-  Use of  Indexed /  Tracker funds

-  Tilted or enhanced indices

-  Performance Measurement  & Attribution

-  Benchmark selection: the main choices

-  Meaning and use of  Tracking Error

-  Top Down v Bottom Up approaches

-  Portfolio Protection tools and their uses


-  Fund  Considerations & Investment Objectives

-  Scenario Derivation

-  Strategic Asset Allocation

-  Economic, Stockmarket and Interest rate cycles


-  Tactical Asset Allocation


-  Model portfolio and over / under weighting

-  Use of Overlays


-  LDI and Asset - Liability matching

-  Timing,Transition  and  Stock Lending

-  Portfolio Review and Rebalancing requirements

-  Fund Manager issues 


-  Mandate Risks

Todays Date:

Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house tailored course

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