Trustees Guide to Securities Lending

Background & Objectives


Pension Funds increasingly are using Securities Lending as a necessary means to increase Fund income. To most Trustees, discussions in this technical area are shrouded in mystery and so the Returns, Risks, Issues and Procedures are difficult to entertain.


This half day seminar explains what Securities Lending is and gives an overview as to the rationale, the Lenders and Borrowers, Risks and Returns available. While no prior knowledge is assumed of this topic, a basic knowledge of Equities and Fixed Income is needed.


A more detailed 1 day course is provided for those requiring more technical detail.




-  What is Securities Lending and Borrowing?

-  Why and who lends and borrows?

-  Which securities and in which markets is there substantial Lending?


-  Lending Options and Features of Lending Programmes

-  Lender considerations

-  Example returns

-  Counterparty selection

-  Custodian programmes

-  Self managed programmes


-  Factors affecting the supply of securities

-  The Loan Process Examined

-  Management of Loans and Collateral


-  The Risks in Securities Lending

-  Legal & Regulatory Considerations

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Available as an in-house tailored course

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