Global Custody


To provide an understanding of Global Custody and the specialist operations involved within 1 day.


Custodian, Depository, Fund Management, Investment, Broking, and Banking Managers and Staff.

Anyone working in or with Global Custody operations who are not Custody specialists eg IT executives, Mutual Fund Managers, HR Managers, Lawyers and Accountants.

No specific knowledge is assumed.


-Background to Global Custody.
-Legal requirements. Responsibilities.
-Types of Global Custody arrangements. Strengths. Weaknesses.
-Uses of Sub-custodians.
-Securities: Record keeping. What is required.
-Valuations. Reporting to customers.
-Daily Custodian Operations: clients, monitoring, checking and reporting operations.
-Payment and communication systems.
-Instruction processing. Timing. Cut off and value dates.

Corporate Actions are covered in a separate two day course. See details of this course elsewhere on this site. 

Todays Date:

Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course. Details on request.

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