Data Protection - Regulations & Practice




The Data Protection Act impacts on all businesses and executives that communicate with customers or clients.  Contrary to a general impression the Act affects business to business communications as well as business to consumer.


In addition the regulations affect Data Security, Subject Access and Marketing Propositions.  Finally the email regulations and the Corporate Telephone Preference Service mean more minefields for the unwary.


This day course provides a concise and comprehensive Data Protection briefing of use to all those in the Financial Services industry, whether in Compliance, Marketing,Sales or IT - all of whom may be affected by the regulations and who may face sanctions if in breach.



  • Sales & Marketing executives
  • Compliance Managers & Lawyers
  • IT Executives
  • Legal Advisers (CPD credit)
  • Client & Customer contacts
  • anyone in the Financial Services Industry keeping personal data



-Background to the 1998 Legislation: Public concerns; European Directives and UK implementation

-The nature of privacy - personal and corporate: Where the two meet and diverge

-Subject Access: Data subjects rights to see their files

-The Eight Data Protection Principles: The essentials of UK practice

-The Meaning of Consent: What it is and why it matters for compliant DP

-The Information Commissioner: Enforcement and Compliance responsibilities

-Marketing and Communications: The right to reject and refuse - rules and regulations for direct mail; telephone; fax; and email

-Regulation 22: The impact of new Email rules on corporate communication


-The Corporate Telephone Preference Service: The effect on contacting clients 


-Cookies and Website Tracking: What you must say and do


-Sensitive Data: Special treatment for specific types of personal information


-The Data Audit: Benefits, processes and responsibilities


-Constructing Privacy Statements: Thinking through your own issues, then saying what you mean and living with the consequences


-Future Proofing: Thinking ahead to ensure today's compliance fits tomorrow's activities


-Penalties: Fines, compensation and business impact



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