Structured Products


Structured products are appearing with increasing frequency as Retail Investment products (e.g. Guaranteed Investment Bonds or Precipice Bonds) as well as in a more sophisticated version, in pension, life and other institutional portfolios.


This course gives a good understanding of this class of products assuming only a reasonable basic securities knowledge (equities and fixed income).



        Fund Managers with no knowledge of this area


        Private Bankers

        Back & Middle Office staff

        IT staff

        Lawyers and Accountants (CPE/CPD credits)

        Commercial Bankers involved with retail investments


  •   Investment Bankers interested in adding these products to their own range  of products




Market Overview

Growth of market

Market Participants & Players

Why SP are popular with investors

Growth v. income products

Mis-selling (FSA CP188 and SCARPs, Lloyds TSB and other precipice Bonds)



Basic product - growth and income

Principal protection how is it done?

Participation how is it done?

High yields - how are they achieved?







Popular Asset Classes


Equity (index, basket, single stocks)

Interest Rates, FX, Gold

Inflation, house prices

Unit Trusts (principal protected ISAs)

Multi asset (e.g. Britannia Building Societys Footsie/Gold/Halifax house prices)


Basics of Pricing


Cost of principal protection

Cost of Participation

Cost of income option


Non vanilla products


Capped calls, Knock outs, Cliquets

Triggers, Dual currency deposits, corridors

Precipice bonds

Exotic products (Comets, Himalayas, Altiplano etc).




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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house tailored course

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