Behavioural Finance & Investment Implications



Behaviour Finance is a relatively new area in the field of Investment.  In contrast to Efficient Markets Theory it examines psychological bias as opposed to the neutral Rational Investor behaviour expected in classical investment theory.


Both the recent financial crisis and laboratory experiments have indicated the reality of Behavioural Finance and hence its importance.


This short briefing details the main facets of Behavioural Finance with important implications for all those involved in Investment.




-         Fund Managers

-         Private Bankers

-         Analysts

-         Stockbrokers




How perception can be faulty


Rational minds can be irrational


Investor defects


- Overconfidence                   - Hindsight bias


- Short Term Focus               - Hot Hand Facility


- Mental Accounting              - Anchoring


- Regret                                 - Trend Continuation


Tools to overcome Behavioural Bias


Rules review from successful Investment Managers that help overcome bias


The duration of this course is 2 hours

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