High Frequency Trading An Introduction



To give an understanding of the nature and process of High Frequency Trading.  A basic financial matters knowledge is assumed.



- Introduction Structural Foundations

      Introduction to High frequency trading
      Definition and Concept: Internalization
         - Broker Dealer Internalization
         - An example queue jumping
      Definition and Concept: Sub-pennying
      Definition and Concept: Flash trading
      Toxicity of Order Flow

- Internalization and Todays Markets

- Trading Against the HERD

      The Herd definition, concept and example
      Why do we get the Herd?
      Retail traders and the Herd
      Profiting from the Herd


- HFT Strategy in Application
      Strategy Life Cycle

      Why each strategy has a limited profitable lifespan?
      Strategy Example and Application
      Factoring In Option Expiration
      Strategy Example and Application Factoring In Option Expiration


- Tape-reading examples Identifying the herd
      Tape Reading - definition, concept and example

      Consolidate Tape Examples
      Trapped Short term orders identifying


- Large size orders and the HFT tractor beam

      HFT Tractor Beam definition, concept and identification
      Liquidity Providing vs Liquidity Taking
      Rebate Trading
      Leaning on Size and Big Offers

      Mechanics of the Tractor Beam
      Example and Application


- Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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