Human Performance Measurement in Financial Services


A key to the success of any Financial Institution is the quality and performance of its executives and staff.  In addition remuneration is the largest or second largest cost in any Financial Service Operation.  Consequently optimum performance from executives and staff is critical.

How to measure, what to measure and the Performance Measurement framework in Financial Services is the objective of this two day course.

It is a successful course since how to is covered as well as what to do.  It also recognises the importance of focusing on key and accurate measures.

Lastly, it also covers how to identify both Poor and Star performers.


-Explain the key steps and their role in Performance Management.

-Demonstrate competent objective setting using CSMART principles.

-Recognise how competencies impact on the overall assessment

-Demonstrate coaching techniques to improve a team members performance

-Demonstrate effective assessment interview techniques.

-Be able to differentiate performance within a team using recognised Performance Management tools.


  •  HR Executives in Banks, Stockbrokers, Life Assurance and other Financial Service companies.
  • Operations Managers and Directors
  • Anyone responsible for and supervising staff in the Financial Services


-What is Performance Measurement?

-Performance Measurement Specifics in the Financial Services industry.

-Macro and Micro views of Performance Measurement.

-Performance Planning

-Setting CSMART objectives

-The number of objectives recommended

-Types of objectives

-Alignment of Key Performance Indicators to Objectives

Performance measures

-Criteria for standards used in Performance Measures

-The use of competencies/behaviours in assessments

-Definition of behaviours

-Practice at observing and recording behaviours

-Development planning

-Coaching skills and models used

-Coaching practice

-Combining Objectives and Competencies to rate individual performance

-Exercises In Assessing Performance

-Managing Poor Performance

-Reward & recognition of Star Performers

-Assessment interview techniques

-Case study preparation

-Assessment interview practice

-Expected distribution curves

-The value of consistency meetings

Some considerations of Cost/Benefit in Performance Measurement.




Todays Date:

Duration 2 days
Available as an in-house course. Details on request.

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