Depositary & Trustee Audit


OEIC and Unit Trust Management and Administration companies are subject to scrutiny and inspection from various parties including Depositaries, Trustees and the FSA. Failure as a result of an inspection visit can result in substantial fines, adverse press publicity and even career dislocation.

This one day course covers the main areas of interest to trustees and depositaries during their audits and highlights problems frequently encountered. Solutions and advice in preparing for an inspection visit are also covered.


  • Compliance staff working in the unit trust management company and the ACD areas
  • Registration teams and their team leaders
  • Valuations and pricing teams and their team leaders
  • Staff involved with box management
  • Compliance staff in all areas of UT and OEIC management and administration
  • Staff in contact with trustees/depositaries

    Delegates should have at least 3 months work experience in or close to a UT/OEIC operation

  • Content

    -Trustee and ACD roles and content

    -FSA expectations of trustees and depositaries

    -Overview of typical rule breaches

    -Pricing inspection and common weak areas

    -Valuation inspection and common weak areas

    -Registration inspection

    -Unit dealing and box management inspection

    -Complaints, Rule breaches and compliance inspection

    -Investment manager inspection and sensitive areas

    -Other inspection areas: Manuals, records, IMRO audit reports, disaster recovery, etc

    -Preparing for the trustee/depositary visit

    -Managing the visit and responding to the report

    Todays Date:

    Duration 1 day
    Available as an in-house course

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