How the Real World Affects Investments

Background & Objective

The Real World and actual or anticipated developments can have drastic effects on Pension fund Investments.  Economic factors are major inputs in considering Asset Allocation as well as Investment decisions in general.  Sadly most Trustees have little or no idea as to what these major and wide ranging factors are or how they work.


This one day course provides a concise and useful briefing as to the major Real World and Economic factors, what they are, their roles and impact on Pension Fund Investment.  The emphasis is on reality.  Via clear language, examples and exercises, the course helps delegates develop their own knowledge and understanding for use as Trustees.


No prior knowledge is assumed.





-  Background and basic concepts: the components of an economy

-  Why is growth and employment important?

-  Role of productivity and technology

-  Business Cycles, Interest Rate and Stockmarket cycles and their connections

-  Role of confidence and the importance of expectations

-  Effect of Goverment and government tools for economic management

-  Growth and decline of sectors & firms

-  Technological change and its impact

-  What determines interest rates?

-  What causes inflation? Why is it important?

-  Currencies - their roles and why they change in value


Review of Current World Situation

-  The New Economy and its structure

USA, EU block, Japan

-  The Rise of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and implications

-  Other Emerging Markets




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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house tailored course

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