Practical Pension Transfer Briefing


Following Simplification,  many consider that Pension Transfers are simple and do not need any specialist knowledge.  This is simply not the case; there are still differentials between schemes and the alternatives and also aspects which need to be considered when compiling a recommendation.

This one day course provides a complete coherent view of all the factors which must be considered, details of computations, documentation and critical dates.  This is not purely from a technical or theoretical view point, but includes the practical aspects which can cause difficulties.


  •  Life Assurance and Pension Advisers who are not experts in this area
  • Administration support staff who assist advisers dealing in this area
  • Those who have acquired G60 in the past and need to refresh their understanding of the situation post a day
  • Pension Fund Administrators
  • Insurance company staff involved in processing transfers or transfer queries



-Differential between Occupational and Personal Pension Rules pre A day

-A day changes and how these may have been interpreted by schemes

-Legislative Requirements for changes

-Documentary Requirements for changes

A Day changes i.e. Simplification

-How these affect the insured schemes Executive Pension Plan, SSAS, Section 32

-How these affect the large schemes Defined Benefit, CIMP/COMP

-How these affect Retirement Annuities/Personal Pensions/SIPPs

Defined Benefit Funding


-Minimum Funding Requirement/Scheme Specific


-Actuarial Reports/Annual Certificates

-Trustees Annual Reports

-Understanding and interpreting information provided by schemes

Death benefit rules

-Pre & Post A Day limits

-Pre 97 benefits

-Post 97 benefits

-Protected Rights/GMP/Safeguarded rights

-Other benefits

Tax Free Cash rules

-Pre & Post A Day limits

-Retirement Annuity Cash

-Defined Benefits cash

Contracting Out

-Methods and options available via all routes

-GMP/Protected Rights/Reference Scheme

-SERPS & State Second Pension

-Interaction with state schemes top ups etc

-How transfer affect advantages/disadvantages

-Cost and benefits

-Interaction with attitude to risk

-Interaction with scheme and provider security

Money Purchase  - Investment aspects

-Options and facilities

-Comparative costs

-Penalties and deductions


-Market Value Adjustments insured and Defined Benefit

Defined Benefit - Evaluating a transfer value

-How these are calculated for defined benefit schemes

-Adjustments in respect of deficits

-Cash for Pensions/bonuses/overrides etc

-How markets affect transfer values


-Guaranteed Annuity Rates

-Traditional With Profits

Compliant Advice Process

-Fact Finding


-Data Gathering

-Suitability Report contents, requirements imposed by FSA

-Presentation/Explanation to client


-Forms involved

-Parties involved

-TCF requirements

-FSA requirements


Todays Date:

Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course. Details on request.

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