Options Primer


Many managers and staff, who are not investment specialists, find themselves in increasing contact with Futures and Options.  Since these products are unusual and can be complex, the result is often confusion and possibly expensive errors.


This one day course provides a comprehensive introduction to Traded Options. Delegates should have a general awareness of Fixed Income Investments and Equities and a basic knowledge of Futures.  If a basic knowledge of Futures is lacking our Futures Primer course presented the previous day is recommended (see details of this course).



        Brokers and Dealers

        Fund Management Executives and Support Staff

        Operations Back Office and Mid Office Executives and Staff


        Internal and External Auditors and Lawyers

        IT Staff involved with these Products

        Compliance Officers and Regulators

        Lawyers (CPD credit)




-What Are Options?

-Futures v Options contrasted.

-Background and brief history.  Main markets.

-Calls and Puts explained.

-Terminology and Types: Bonds, Interest Rate, Index, Stock, Currency.

-Pricing details, Intrinsic and Time values.

-Variables affecting Options prices. Pricing models outlined.

-Graphical demonstration of Profit and Loss.

-Profit and Loss calculation. Examples. Exercises.

-When is Margin REQUIRED? Explanation of Initial and Variation.

-Covered v Naked writing explained.

-Trading methods: Floor and Electronic trading.

-Use of Options in Hedging. Example. Exercise.

-Use of Options in Asset Allocation. Example. Exercise.

-Use of Options to generate income. Example. Exercise.


-Use of Options in Funds anticipation. Example.


-Role of Clearing House and Settlement Process.

-Example Strategies using Options (given time).






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Duration 1 day
In House course
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