Qualified Intermediary & US 1441 NRA Regulations


All financial institutions outside the USA receiving US source income for clients are affected by the US 1441 NRA regulations.  Penalties for non-compliance are severe.  Most institutions have become Qualified Intermediaries (QIs) to minimise the impact and to comply.  This can involve 'audits of compliance'.


This one-day course reviews the issues and regulations and their impact on non-US financial services companies. 



  • Fund Managers, Private Bankers & Stockbrokers
  • Compliance and Regulatory Officers
  • Operations and Back Office Managers
  • IT Executives involved with Compliance and Operational systems





o    Context, history & Intent

o    Base Principles

o    Forms, Notices, Publications & Resources


o    W-8, W-9 & KYC

o    Compliance issues


o    Account structures

o    S. 302


o    Form, method and timeliness


o    US Persons

o    non-US Persons

o    Compliance Issues                                                                                        


o    Prevention, Detection, Deterrence, Correction

o    Authorised Employees

o    Notice of Material Failure

o    Evaluation of Risk

         AUP (Audit)

o    AUP Phases

o    Compliance issues


o    US Simplified Procedure claim processing

         Upcoming changes

o    Penalties

o    Notice 2008-98

o    HIRE Act (FATCA)

Todays Date:

Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course

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