Hedge Funds Overview

Session 1 - Introduction


        Hedge Funds defined. Lock-ups, Gates, Hurdle Rates, Side Pockets

        The pursuit of Absolute Return & Performance Fees

        How large is the Hedge Fund Universe? The numbers in context

        Where are they? Domicile, Onshore vs Offshore

        Asset Class performance or Manager value-added? The search for Alpha


Session 2 - Hedge Fund Trading Tactics, Counter- Parties and Competition


        Tactics for all market environments - Leverage & Short Selling.

        Regulatory intervention & increased transparency

        Where is the competition? The reaction from the traditional Fund Managers

        External Relationships - Prime Brokerage, Custodians, Fund Administrators


Session 3 - Issues for Hedge Fund Investors


        Rationale for Hedge Funds in an Investors Portfolio. Is it still there?

        The non-correlated Asset Class, Survivorship Bias, Drawdown

        The changing Investor base Institutions are now the target market

        Leverage, Risk and Transparency

        Risk-adjusted performance measurement

        Institutionalisation of Hedge Funds, Index Providers Benchmark Risk


Session 4 - Risk Management for Hedge Funds


        Market , leverage and Credit risk

        Political and legal risk

        Gap and liquidity risk, Mark-to-market risk

        Why do Hedge Funds fail? Do not forget Operational Risk

        Tools for the Analysis of Financial Risk From VaR to Stress Testing


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