CREST Operations


CREST Operations is the primary UK Settlement System that is evolving to:

  • include an increasing variety of operations and functions
  • facilitate international settlement in some markets
  • apply to new products or investments such as OEICs and Unit Trusts and MMIs

In consequence even those previously familiar with CREST Operations may find that some of their knowledge is out of date.

Separately many users and operators of CREST have a good knowledge of their own area but lack either effective comprehensive training or a comfortable view of the whole operation.

This one day interactive live course aims to give a good practical understanding of CREST preparations as widely defined.


  • Back Office and Settlement staff with knowledge of only one part  of CREST Operations who want a current and rounded view
  • Custody staff dealing with CREST
  • Mid Office staff needing to understand CREST
  • Fund Managers, Brokers, Bankers, Dealers and Investors and their support staff who need to understand CREST in order to perform more effectively
  • IT Executives involved with systems interfacing with CREST
  • Compliance Officers involved wtih the UK Securities Market
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Accounting staff involved with Settlement

Delegates are assumed to have a basic knowledge of Equities and Fixed Income investments but no specific knowledge is assumed.  3-6 months' experience in the Securities Industry is assumed.  No specific CREST knowledge is assumed but delegates should have a general awareness as to what CREST is.


-Introduction and History to CREST

-CREST Membership and Structure

-Introduction to Equity and Fixed Income Settlement within CREST

-Equity and Fixed Income differences and timeframes

-Transaction reporting to the FSA

-Pre-Settlement, the Matching process

-CREST Diary

-Transaction Types

-CREST Settlement queues and priorities

-CREST Netting

-LCH Transactions

-Enhancing Settlement

-Payments within CREST


-Process Flows within CREST

-Practical and Interactive GUI Input Examples, including Deliveries, Own Account Transfers, Stock Deposits, Stock Withdrawals

-Practical and Interactive examples of Stock Transfer Form (STF) and CREST Transfer Forms (CTF) completion

-Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation Introduction

-Dematerialisation, CREST Deposits and Rematerialisation Process Flows and Cost

-SDRT and Stamp Duty in the UK

-SDRT Collection in CREST

-Interactive and Practical SDRT / Stamp Duty calculations and examples

-Cross Border Movement

-International Settlement facilitated in CREST

-CREST Discipline, Background, Fine Structure and Tariffs

-Corporate Actions Interaction and Transaction Types within CREST

-Securities Lending Interaction with CREST

-Interactive Risk Assessment, Discussions and Problem Resolution Guides

-Residual Product Definitions, Settlement Processes inside and outside of CREST

-Registration and Examples of Settlement Flows

-Unit Trusts / OEIC Product Definitions

-Fund Settlement Processes inside and outside of CREST

-Registration and Examples of Settlement Flows

Todays Date:

Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course

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