Fundamentals of Life Funds Chargeable Events


         Client Service Representatives
         Call Centre Advisers
         Junior Tax Assistants
         Life Marketing Staff
         Junior Actuarial and Underwriting Staff
         Sales Representatives and Brokers


The course is intended as a basic grounding in life chargeable events and is based primarily upon examples.  It covers the fundamentals of the taxation of qualifying and non-qualifying products, complex taxation issues are covered on the Life Products Taxation Course.  It does not cover in depth OLAB, Fiscal Representation and new non-resident policies.  These are covered in our more advanced course Life Products Taxation.


         Basic outline of tax system, capital v income, IHT

         The policy process and underwriting contact of life policies and taxation

         Qualifying and non-qualifying products

         The enduring effects of LAPR

         Calculation of a basic chargeable event

         Qualifying products becoming non-qualifying

         Regular premium policies calculation of events

         Substitutions including examples

         Variations including examples

         Enhancements and the qualifying rules

         Friendly Society policy enhancements (increase of the limit)


         Cancellations, Paid-Up Policies and Early Surrenders

         Assignments and Joint Policies

         Tax Effects of putting a life policy into trust for IHT planning


This course is ideally suited for adaptation for in-house training and use by offshore companies and Friendly Societies.  Details on request.



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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course

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