Wealth Investment Skills for Family Offices


The Wealth Investment Skills seminar is designed for Family Office executives and members who  want to invest their client or their  own wealth or who want to  monitor or question their Private Banker or Financial Adviser. Too many advisers have lost client wealth or underperformed. This seminar helps reduce that risk.


No prior knowledge is assumed. The seminar is extremely enjoyable and practical as well as being  interactive with exercises and cases. Groups are kept small with a typical maximum of 12.


Content         Content can be tailored to suit individual needs.


Location       The seminar is presented at the clients chosen venue.




1          How the Real World affects Investments

A non-technical overview of the meaning and effect on the markets of the following

-         Growth                                                - Inflation and deflation

-         Business cycle                                  - Interest rates

-         Foreign exchange rates                   - International trade

-         Unemployment                                  - Money supply


2          Investment Principles and Reporting

-         What to look for in investments

-         What is risk? Why use volatility as a risk measure?

-         Effect of time

-         Main asset classes. Their nature, risk and return

-         Secondary types of investment explained                                                                         

-         Where returns originate

-         What does hedging do?

-         Portfolio reporting: what you want

-         How to assess performance

-         The Back Office: meaning of Settlement and Custody


3          Equity Investment: what the Stock Market offers

-         Types of analysis and their uses: Fundamental, Technical etc

-         What moves the market: Short term to Long terms influences

-         Meaning and use of an index

-         Main equity valuation measures

-         Sector importance and selection

-         Relative value assessment

-         Income v Capital emphasis

-         Growth v Value approach                                        

-         Large v Small company impact                  

-         The problems with Broker recommendations

-         Classic signs of company success and failure


4          World Stock Markets Overview: using Risk to reduce Risk

-         Why invest overseas?

-         Main stock markets compared

-         Developed v Emerging Markets: the trade-offs accepted

-         Meaning and use of Correlation to reduce portfolio risk

-         What to look for in the Overseas Market


5          Fixed Income or Bonds Investment

-         Types of bonds and their nature

-         Main jargon terms

-         Yield explained

-         Bond Ratings :meaning of Investment Grade and High Yield Bonds

-         Bond valuations dissected

-         Yield curves explained and their uses

-         Assessing the trade off between different bonds

-         How a Bond Portfolio Manager can position himself/herself


6          Behavioural Finance: are you your worst enemy?

-         The meaning and increasing importance given to Behavioural Finance

-         The factors that affect your success

-         Characteristics of super successful Fund Managers


7          Dealing Techniques: Buying and selling is an art

-         What information to look for before Dealing

-         Assessing the right price

-         Order sizing

-         Types of order

-         Timing order entry

-         Use of Stop Losses


8          Derivatives Overview: The Heaven and Hell of Futures and Options

-         What is a Future? Types, Terminology

-         Pricing, Contract sizes

-         Typical Futures used by Fund Managers

-         Why use a Future?


-         What is an Option? Futures v Options contrasted

-         Types, Terminology, Pricing, Contract size

-         Why use an Option?


-         Hedging and Portfolio Protection using Futures and Options Explained


9          Real Estate Investment Overview

-         Types of property for Investment: Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Retail

-         Investment Vehicles: Direct, Unit Trusts, Pooled Funds, Property Shares, REITs

-         How property is valued

-         Where the return is generated 

-         Liquidity, Management and other considerations

-         Impact of Lease and Break clauses. Impacts of voids.

-         Marriage value and value adding effects

-         Effect of gearing


10        Hedge Funds Overview

-         What are Hedge Funds?

-         Meaning of Long/Short

-         Use of Leverage/Gearing

-         What is a Hedge Fund?

-         Hedge Fund strategies

-         Returns and risks outlined

-         Meaning of the jargon words: alpha, beta, Drawdown, other parameters etc

-         Serious problems with quoted Hedge Fund Performance figures

-         Benefit and drawback of Fund of Funds

-         Performance figures considerations


11        Gold Investment Overview

-         Why invest in Gold?

-         Alternative Gold Investments and their advantages and disadvantages:

o       Bars

o       Coins

o       ETCs

o       Gold Mining shares

o       Gold Futures & Options


12        Portfolio Construction and Monitoring

-         Client Profiling and Needs identification

-         How seemingly similar clients vary

-         Selecting a Benchmark: Different example benchmarks:

o       Index related

o       Peer Comparison

o       Absolute                                                        

-         Top Down v Bottom Up Portfolios                          

-         Model Portfolio importance

-         Over/Underweighting

-         Strategic Asset Allocation v Tactical Asset Allocation

-         Outline Meaning of Tracking Error and Risk Budgeting

-         Use of Fund Overlays and Hedging

-         Fund Manager Risks

-         Portfolio Rebalancing: What, why and when

-         Portfolio Monitoring

-         Group Portfolio Exercise including Scenario Development, Asset Allocation and Sector Selection


Todays Date:

Duration 4 days
Available as an in-house course. Details on request.

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