Accounting for Investment


This course gives a complete overview of the accounting procedures in all the major investment areas: Equities, Fixed Interest,  Property, Futures and Options etc.


Investment accounting staff and their supervisors and managers with daily involvement in investment accounting who want a complete overview. Auditors, both internal and external may also be interested. Delegates will come from Life Assurance and Insurance companies, Fund Managers, Unit Trusts, Pension funds and other investing institutions.

While no specific knowledge is assumed, delegates must have at least 3 months' experience in an Investment accounting area. This course is not suitable for those requiring a review of complex problems in the areas covered.

Main Content Sections

-Introduction to Accounting, its concepts and the IFRS impact 

-Basic Accounting Practices and Terminology

-Investment Types and the impact of IAS 32 on the Equity / Liability Equation

-From Double Entry to Trial Balance & the impact of Accounting Systems

-Types of Investment from Double Entry to Trial Balance 

-Accounting for Corporate Actions  

-Recording Investment Activity

-Accounting for Equity Investments including the new Hedging Rules

-Accounting for Fixed Income Investments including Accruals,Accumulations and Amortisation

-Accounting for Investment Income - The Capital Problem

-Accounting of Basic Derivatives Overview including IAS 39 

-Valuation of Investments, the impact of Fair Value and Financial Instruments Open Market Values.

Todays Date:

Duration 2 days
Available as an in-house course. Details on request.

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