Accounting for Basic Derivatives



The increasing presence of Derivatives (Futures, Options, Swaps, CFDs etc) in Funds (Mutual and Hedge) and other Investment Portfolios is causing considerable problems to Accounting staff.


This course provides a focused briefing on basic Accounting for the main Derivatives classes. Practical aspects are reinforced by the numerous exercises included. The course does not cover complex products or advanced Accounting issues.


  • Accounting staff
  • Derivatives and Securities Settlement staff
  • Taxation staff
  • Risk and Compliance staff
  • IT executives involved in Accounting and Derivatives systems

Delegates should have a basic Accounting knowledge and a basic understanding of derivatives limited to basic Futures and Options. Our separate product courses on Futures, Options, Swaps etc or Accounting for Investment course can help in individual areas if this knowledge is lacking (see details on or on request).



-Accounting for Interest Rate Futures

-Accounting for Bond Futures

-Exercise on Accounting for Futures

-Swaps Accounting : Fixed v Floating

-Credit Derivatives Accounting

-Exercise on Swaps

-Contracts for Differences Accounting

-Equity Index Futures Accounting

-Options - Index and Individual Equity

-Options - Bonds

-Exercises on Options


- FRAs Accounting

-Currency Futures Accounting



Todays Date:

Duration 2 days
LondonFurther dates available on request.
Fee  1100 + VAT

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