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Understanding Financial Trading
Last Updated - 15 July 2015
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Duration 2 days
Fee GBP 1260 + VAT

Zurich & DublinAvailable in- house
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Financial Trading can appear complex and mysterious to those not in the business. This course aims to provide  non-specialists with an understanding and some experience as to what Financial Trading  involves using simulations  with various products such as Foreign Exchange (FX) and separately, Equities.


Participants will experience trading FX and Equity markets in a competitive trading environment. They will learn to  appreciate the professional skills of market making and price taking, dealing with fellow banks and handling client orders. They will have to react in real time to market moving news events. Risk management techniques will be developed from monitoring their changing risk profiles and positions.

The goal is to trade profitably and within their set dealing limits. Participants will improve their knowledge and understanding of the front office trading environment and the skills required to manage market risk successfully. 


Compliance executives                                                                 Back office staff

Risk managers                                                                                   Credit officers

Front office sales staff                                                                   Junior dealers

Trade support staff                                                                         Banking graduate trainees. 


Anyone who deals with FX or and equity traders on a regular basis, including corporate treasurers  



Dealing Basics


Foreign Exchange Dealing

         Spot FX terminology and conventions

         Bid ask dealing spreads

         Base and reference currency

         Major FX currency pairs

         Cross rates

         What moves FX rates?

         How to market make in spot FX

                    Shading the dealing spread

                Explanation of trading simulation software


         How to trade profitably

         How to stay within your dealing limits

         Facilitating client orders and flow trading with the other banks


         Trading Simulation 1:  FX market making ( majors : USD, GBP, YEN, EURO )

         Risk  management

         Judicious positioning in FX market

         Interpreting your simulation success and techniques for improvement


       Trading Simulation 2 : FX trading with news, market making and client orders

         Results of simulation

         Introduction to Equity trading

         Long and short positions

         Money management techniques

         Effective risk management and directional trading on fundamental news

         Interpretation of news stories : economy wide, sector specific, individual company


European equities

         Simulation Briefing

         Trading  Simulation 3

         Results of simulation

         Feedback and reflection on performance and trading experience


   Optional if time permits : Final simulation 4 : US Equities