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ISA Administration
Last Updated - 30 July 2008
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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course


ISA is a product with a number of complicated processes. This course aims to give an understanding of the ISA product and relevant regulations.


Staff new to the ISA product, with daily involvement in ISA Administration, whether it be Pricing, Dealing, Valuation or Registration.  Staff wanting a complete overview of ISA as a product and its administration.

Those with less than 12 months experience of Collective Investments who need ISA training.

Delegates are assumed to have a basic understanding of the Financial Services environment and to know what equities, bonds and Unit Trusts are.


-Overview of Collective Investments

-Background to ISAs

-ISA Structure & Framework:

- Mini Account
- Maxi Account

-ISAs v other collective investments

-Investor & Investment Restrictions

-Application & Exit processes

-Pricing & Dealing methods

-Registration methods

-Compliance aspects


-Procedures in relation to Income and Tax for Credits on ISAs

-Tax Office reporting

-How the introduction of ISAs has affected registration procedures