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Managing Private Clients in Difficult Markets
Last Updated - 23 August 2012
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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course. Details on request.


It is easy to manage Private Clients in bull markets.  Unfortunately the recent market decline and financial crisis has made many Private Clients nervous and irritable and prone to go elsewhere. Everyone or anyone is to blame but themselves.

How can Front Office staff in Financial Institutions deal with this situation? How can clients be retained and given a measure of satisfaction?  This one-day course using examples and cases suggests some answers.


  • Private Bankers
  • Stockbrokers
  • Retail Bankers
  • IFAs and Insurance Brokers
  • Front Office staff dealing with Private Clients


The Philosophy of the Relationship with the Client 

-A Partner not a Selling Situation
-The Long-Term View
-Products and Services and What to Offer When

Identifying the Real Needs of the Client

-Critical Questions to Ask
-Setting Up a Correct Risk Profile
-Communication: Type, Frequency and Content
-Managing Expectations
-Anticipating the Future

Identifying Problems in the Client Relationship

-Identifying Silent Criticism
-Signals of Problems in the Relationship
-Cultural Aspects
-Concrete Examples

What To Do When a Relationship is in Danger?

-Competitor Comparison
-Review of Objectives and Time Horizon
-What Products to use without undermining Asset Allocation

How To React to Criticism?

-What Lies Behind a Criticism
-Different Types of Clients and Different Types of Criticism
-Every Problem an Opportunity

Documentation and its Importance

-Account Opening Forms
-The Mandate
-Single Orders

Numerous examples and cases will be included