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Economics of the Real World: The Investment Effects
Last Updated - 16 July 2008
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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course


The real world and actual or anticipated developments can have a drastic effect on all markets including Fixed Income, Equities, Foreign Exchange and Commodities.

Effective investment or trading whether for Dealers, Fund Managers or Corporate Financiers is difficult if not impossible without an understanding of at least the major factors and their potential impact.

This one day course provides a concise and useful briefing as to the major factors, their roles and impact. The emphasis is on reality. Via examples and exercises the course helps delegates develop their own ability for use in their working roles.

No prior knowledge is assumed of economics.


Content (More details on request)

Background and basic concepts: the components of an economy

Cyclical fluctuation of an economy.

-Short run fluctuations and long term growth. Role of productivity and technology.

-Cycles: short run and long run. Business v electoral cycle. Demand fluctuations.

-Role of stocks. Role of confidence. Importance of expectations. Effect of income and wealth changes. Economic Management as a source of instability.

Market Structure

Competition, takeovers, concentration and market power. Growth and decline of sectors and firms. Technological change and its impact. Products and company life cycle. Learning curve. Marginal cost concept. The New Economy and its peculiar structure.

Money, Interest Rates and Inflation

Fiscal and monetary policy and tools explained. Role of the Banking system. Importance and role of the Central Bank. What determines interest rates. What causes inflation. Deflation and the liquidity trap. Implications for money markets, bonds, equities. Capital Market Considerations.


What determines currency values. Short run v long run. Methods of different FX regimes. Lessons of history and current developments (Euro, dollarisation in emerging markets).

International Force

Balance of payments, GBP and GDP. International competitiveness and specialisation.

Review of Current World Situation

USA, EU block, Japan, Emerging Markets.