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Private Equity Accounting
Last Updated - 27 February 2013
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Duration 2 days
Fee 1100 + VAT


The increasing use of Private Equity Vehicles and Venture Capital and the complexity of investments  and  their accounting can  cause concern. This course provides a guide through this bewildering accounting maze. It covers the accounting of all stages and steps in the process of venture capital.


This course, starting from basic Accounting, leads on to the Valuation of the vehicles, Investment Purchase and Disposal and Adjustments. While based on International Accounting Standards it is capable of adoption to local GAAP. Practical aspects are reinforced by the numerous exercises included.



            Accounting staff

            Derivatives and Securities Settlement staff

            Taxation staff

            Risk and Compliance staff

            IT executives involved in systems


Delegates should have a good Accounting knowledge and a basic understanding of finance and equity limited but the course will cover all the fundamentals of the accounting system.


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1. Accounting Basics


2. Private Equity Returns - the Basics


3. Valuation


4. Buyouts & Take-overs


5. Tax Treatment of PE Funds and LP Interests


6. Venture - an Outline


7. Analysis and Posting of Adjustments


8. Purchase and Disposal accounting entries