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Trustee Swaps Briefing
Last Updated - 21 February 2012
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Duration  day
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Swaps are increasingly suggested to Trustees as an investment solution in place of Long Dated Bonds.


What are they? How do they work? What types are there? What Risks and Returns are there? What costs and flexibility is there?


This half day Briefing is designed to give an understanding as to the nature, types, risks and returns of Swaps in clear language and avoiding unnecessary complexity and detail. 


No prior Swaps knowledge is assumed but a general awareness of Bonds is needed.




-  What is a Swap?

-  Market overview.

-  Key users and uses

-  Risks and Returns

-  Trading and Documentation

-  Interest Rate swap explained and use for a Pension Fund

-  Currency Swaps explained and use in Investment Management

-  Asset Swap outlined and use for a Pension Fund

-  Credit Default Swap outlined. Use in Bond Portfolios

-  Swap valuations