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Syndications Overview
Last Updated - 18 July 2008
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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course


To provide an overview of the major syndicated loan markets, the instruments used, their workings and processes with special emphasis on the European arena.


No specialist knowledge of syndicated finance is assumed. A basic knowledge of securities is assumed.

This course is eligible for CPE and CPD hours or points.


-Background to the Syndicated Loan Market.

-Players and Dynamics of the European Market.

-Types of Syndicated Loans from plain vanilla to complex structured products and facilities.

-Different Sub Products.

-Loan Pricing Considerations. Typical Returns and Risks.

-Security Aspects.

-Syndication Process from borrower, arranger, investor perspectives

-Key Drivers for Lenders/Investors

-Documentation and Its Complexity. What to Expect.

-Terminology Harmonisation and its Significance.

-Borrower Difficulties

-Practical Issues in Syndicated Loan Work - onto Portfolio Management of Syndicated Loans

-Secondary Market: how it operates, pricing etc

-Documentary Issues for the Secondary Market

Examples, exercises and case studies are used throughout to highlight and support the content.