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CREST Operations
Last Updated - 25 June 2008
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Duration 1 day
Available as an in-house course


CREST Operations is the primary UK Settlement System that is evolving to:

In consequence even those previously familiar with CREST Operations may find that some of their knowledge is out of date.

Separately many users and operators of CREST have a good knowledge of their own area but lack either effective comprehensive training or a comfortable view of the whole operation.

This one day interactive live course aims to give a good practical understanding of CREST preparations as widely defined.


Delegates are assumed to have a basic knowledge of Equities and Fixed Income investments but no specific knowledge is assumed.  3-6 months' experience in the Securities Industry is assumed.  No specific CREST knowledge is assumed but delegates should have a general awareness as to what CREST is.


-Introduction and History to CREST

-CREST Membership and Structure

-Introduction to Equity and Fixed Income Settlement within CREST

-Equity and Fixed Income differences and timeframes

-Transaction reporting to the FSA

-Pre-Settlement, the Matching process

-CREST Diary

-Transaction Types

-CREST Settlement queues and priorities

-CREST Netting

-LCH Transactions

-Enhancing Settlement

-Payments within CREST


-Process Flows within CREST

-Practical and Interactive GUI Input Examples, including Deliveries, Own Account Transfers, Stock Deposits, Stock Withdrawals

-Practical and Interactive examples of Stock Transfer Form (STF) and CREST Transfer Forms (CTF) completion

-Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation Introduction

-Dematerialisation, CREST Deposits and Rematerialisation Process Flows and Cost

-SDRT and Stamp Duty in the UK

-SDRT Collection in CREST

-Interactive and Practical SDRT / Stamp Duty calculations and examples

-Cross Border Movement

-International Settlement facilitated in CREST

-CREST Discipline, Background, Fine Structure and Tariffs

-Corporate Actions Interaction and Transaction Types within CREST

-Securities Lending Interaction with CREST

-Interactive Risk Assessment, Discussions and Problem Resolution Guides

-Residual Product Definitions, Settlement Processes inside and outside of CREST

-Registration and Examples of Settlement Flows

-Unit Trusts / OEIC Product Definitions

-Fund Settlement Processes inside and outside of CREST

-Registration and Examples of Settlement Flows