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Investment Banking Briefing
Last Updated - 28 October 2008
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Duration 2 days
Available as an in-house course

Many executives others involved in or with Investment  Banks are often perplexed by the range of activities and operations involved. Complicating the situation further is the strange nature of  many of the products out of which Investment Banks make their money.

This 2 day seminar provides a stimulating and coherent briefing explaining all the major Investment Banking Operations and products, assuming no prior knowledge of Investment Banks. A basic awareness of Equities and Bonds is assumed.


The course objective is to give a broad understanding of all the areas and activities and instruments without obfuscating detail. Seminar numbers are kept at 16 or less to ensure maximum interactivity. The course is eligible for Law Society and Bar Council CPD of 13 hours.



Investment Banking Overview

-What is a Bank v  an Investment Bank ?

-Main services/products and Departments

-Capital Markets: Equity and Debt (Flotations/IPO, Debt Issuance), 

-Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions. Advisory work. Fund Management.

-Main players

-Role of Back and Mid Office

-Treasury role

-Industry influences and the future

Equity Research and Dealing

-Sell side v Buy side

-Meaning of Stock and sector selection

-Research process and objectives

-Equity Market Making

-Equity Issuance: what and why

Corporate Finance

-Primary & Secondary market Activities

-IPOs, Flotations, Rights Issues, Placings

-Mergers & Acquisitions: Rationale, Methods, Process and Timing (UK example)

-Ongoing obligations

-Capital Restructuring

-Venture &  Development Capital

Treasury Operations

-What is Treasury

-Asset Liability Management

-Trading explained: Long and Short positions

-Own Account/Proprietory v Agency

-Exchange Traded v OTC

-Meaning of Clearing and Settlement

-Securities Lending and Borrowing

-Prime Brokerage and Repo operations outlined

-Why have a Funding mismatch ?

Fund Management & Hedge Funds

-Main classes of Funds. Retail v Institutional markets     

-Who are the Fund Managers and who are the clients

-Basic approaches and styles: Balanced, Index, Value, Growth etc

-Example mandate

-Portfolio construction. Top Down v Bottom Up


-Current Issues

-What is a Hedge Fund

-Types of Hedge Fund.

-Risks and returns of a Hedge Fund.

-Prime Brokerage Activities

Debt / Fixed Income Markets & Products

-What is a Bond ? Basic Terminology.

-Main types of Bonds 

-Who issues Bonds. Who buys

-Issuing Debt : the markets and the process

-Bond Prospectus and players.

-Pricing and an explanation of Yield

-Yield curve importance and how to take a position

-Outline what influences the Bond Market

-Bond Rating or Grading and its importance

 -Specialist Fixed Income products outlined:

-Securitisation & Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

-Mortgage Backed Securities and CDOs

 -Loan syndication

Foreign Exchange Operations

-Major markets, Currencies and players

-Meaning of Spot

-Cross Rate meaning and how arrived at - outline only

-Outline what determines a Forward Rate

-Forward rates and how calculated

Derivatives : Futures, Options, Swaps and FRAs explained

What are Futures?

Background, Terminology, Types.  Markets.  Future v Forwards explained 

Outline of Contract and Pricing details 

Long and Short positions.  Examples 

Explain Clearing, Margin and Settlement 

What are Options? 

Background, Terminology.  Types.  Main Markets

Exchange Traded v OTC explained

Calls and Puts explained

Writing (Selling) v Buying

Contrast Futures v Options

What are the main factors in determining the value of an Option 

Time and Intrinsic values

What is a Swap?  Terminology.  Examples 

Diagrams of Cash flows etc. 

Interest Rate Swaps explained

Currency Swaps explained

Credit Default Swaps explained

Role of ISDA

Swap relationship with other markets

What are the dangers in a swap.

Meaning of FRA

Swaptions outlined